We are a pharmaceutical company committed to the protection of the environment through compliance with the proposed environmental objectives, applicable environmental legislation and other requirements. We are committed to generating an organizational culture that is aware of the sustainable use of resources and the prevention of pollution, through the continuous improvement of our environmental management system.


Gutis has been known as a carbon neutral company since 2016. The company will continue its efforts year after year to maintain this recognition over time, thereby contributing to Costa Rica’s goal to be carbon neutral in 2021. This recognition has been achieved by: (i) adopting the INTE 12-01-06 standard; (ii) measuring the company's carbon footprint; and (iii) implementing GHG emission reduction projects and control mechanisms in the operations processes that leave a carbon footprint.


In 2016, Gutis registered for the Ecological Blue Flag program for the first time. This program awards organizations’ good environmental practices for climate action, which include waste management, efficient electricity and fossil fuel consumption, and air pollution. As well as compensating activities and sustainable purchasing policies, among others. That same year, Gutis won the Ecological Blue Flag award for climate change and was awarded 2 stars in recognition of its good environmental and manufacturing practices; the company will continue its efforts in this area, year after year, to improve its environmental performance in furtherance of its commitment to the environment.

ISO 14001

As part of its environmental strategy, Gutis has begun making efforts to obtain the INTE ISO 14001 certification, which is achieved by designing, implementing and providing continuous follow-up on a comprehensive environmental management system that guarantees the protection of the environment and its value chain. This recognition is achieved by: (i) adopting an environmental policy that reflects the organization's environmental commitment; (ii) identifying and addressing the pertinent environmental aspects; and (iii) designing and fulfilling the relevant environmental objectives.

We are a pharmaceutical company committed to protecting the environment through sustainable development. We seek to reduce risks and benefit from opportunities resulting from environmental impacts in our daily operations by establishing environmental objectives. Our actions are focused on: (i) optimizing the consumption of energy resources; (ii) reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere; (iii) appropriately handling solid waste; (iv) reducing risks resulting from climatic events; and (v) other actions relevant to our context.

To that end, we are committed to guaranteeing an efficient use of energy and other key resources, and to implementing environmental controls to ensure compliance with the intended objectives and the applicable environmental legislation; therefore ensuring continuous improvement of the quality management system and, in so doing, improve the company's environmental performance and generate a positive impact on the environment of our operations and the neighboring community.


Gutis has adopted certain initiatives to manage solid waste as part of its environmental strategy. The company is committed to improving its waste management practices and minimizing its environmental impact; it seeks to achieve these goals by fully complying with the applicable environmental legislation, as well as by ensuring the continuous improvement of the proposed projects, and the achievement of the objectives set forth therein.


Gutis places great importance on maximizing the use of the available energy resources; thereby achieving its corporate and environmental objectives, in addition to the environmental objectives of the countries in which it operates. The company has a strong commitment to saving energy, being as how it constantly seeks new and innovative projects to improve the company's efficiency in terms of electricity and fossil fuel consumption. This, in turn, also contributes to the company's objectives of reducing pollutant gas emissions released to the atmosphere and protecting environmental resources.


We have an aggressive socioeconomic policy. We promote education as a tool for social inclusion; thus we prevent people from falling into poverty. We work in highly vulnerable areas through our educational scholarship programs at the university and technical level


We reward those who dream big. We have a scholarship program in private universities, for students of careers related to our industry. Currently, 25 boys and girls in vulnerable condition, who have a leadership trajectory and outstanding qualifications, benefit from this program


We are sponsors of one of the programs of the Fundación Acción Joven, in the Rincón Grande de Pavas School, to avoid school exclusion.


It is a program at the technical level, aimed at vulnerable young people. The selection of candidates is done through a socio-economic analysis. The goal is to provide these young people with tools so that they have access to a future with better possibilities.



A group of children receive subsidies for the purchase of school materials that allow them to continue their studies.


In Gutis Progress we focus on the most important public of our business: our people, That is why we promote education and improvement through the system of educational scholarships for high school and English, as well as recreational and sports activities in order to encourage a better lifestyle among our partners.

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